Monday, 12 October 2015

Keong Seng Restoran, Subang Jaya - A Review

This was for dinner the other day. I did not manage to post these up before we had to go for the pre-wedding course my fiance and I had to go to the day after. Portions were pretty generous so we decided on only two dishes. When we say the portions are generous, think maybe the portions were not made for two if you are not a big eater, maybe about 3 medium eaters to 4 light eaters.

Food here is actually good but we usually go to our usual place in Bukit Rimau HERE or to a few of the shops in the neighbourhood or nearby our offices. We had the brinjal in claypot with salted fish and the assam steam fish. The assam fish has always been my favourite and HE had two big bowls of rice. :X The brinjals were amazing as well with bits of minced pork and salted fish thrown in. He was complaining about the lack of salted fish but I think I managed to pick out most of them. LOL *SHHhhhhhhh*

The reason we usually frequented Bukit Rimau instead of here might be because the one in Bukit Rimau is still cheaper and nearer to us even though this place IMO tasted slightly better. Nevertheless, the prices for food here is still relatively reasonable and is pretty popular with the patrons staying in the area. :)

Oh they might have some negative reviews about how the owner has a sullen demeanor and all that but his son is quite friendly. Besides, I think as long as the food is good we can always ignore the owner's expressions ;)
Look for them here:

Restoran Keong Seng
140, Jalan SS 14/2, 
Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

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