Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Thien Sin Prawn Mee, Miri - A Review

We love the "moon mee" and "hoon gan dan" here. It opens early daily so it's a good choice for breakfast. In case you don't know, "hoon gan dan" is a type of noodles dish in sour-ish, savoury broth cooked using dried vegetables and tomatoes with egg drops. It is also usually garnished with minced pork and slices of liver or pork. Black fungus and prawns are also usually added. My favourite "hoon gan dan" is still the one opposite 5050 Cafe in Pelita Commercial Centre but this is a close second. The "moon mee" is my favourite though.

Sadly, the "gong pia" was not up to par and I dislike the soggy skin. This is usual in most "gong pia" stall. What is more annoying is that they only sell it in a set of five.

Look out for it on your way down from Airport Miri area towards town (at the shop houses before the Traffic Police Head Quartees).

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