Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tous Les Jours, Empire Damansara - A Review

We went for dinner previously at this branch in Empire Damansara. This was our first time here as we only went to their branch in Wolo, Bukit Bintang before. I was expecting good food since my previous experiences were pretty positive but this trip around was quite disappointing. 

The ambience on the other hand was warm and inviting with lots of choices available for both cakes and pastries. They split their dining area for the bistro and bakery so if you purchase any cakes or bread and want to dine in, you have to pay for them separately.

Anyway, despite it being dinner time, we opted for the all-day breakfast. We were not very hungry and I felt like having their Egg Benedict. That was the worse choice ever! My poached egg was probably cooked in a whole bucket of vinegar as opposed to a few drops and the eggs were just horrible. For RM17-20 a plate I would expect perfectly poached eggs. The big breakfast my fiancé had was alright and he even got twin yolks for his sunny-side up. As the rest of the food on the plate were all ready-made or preprocessed, I wouldn't comment on them.

The latte was good though and the Yuzu Orange tea was what you would expect from the ready-made Korean paste except that they actually added orange juice to freshen it up. 

We were not satisfied with the dinner especially after my disastrous encounter with the sour poached egg so we had desserts! Well, I had dessert and he had a pastry. 

After pondering over their choices of cakes and tarts, I settled on the chocolate mousse cake mainly because they have a macaron on top of it! He had an apple pastry puff. His puff was flaky and there were bits of apple filling in between the layers although they were on the minimal side. It was quite delicious though. :) Mine was a thumbs up! The chocolate mousse was rich and the dark cocoa powder on top made it a double whammy of chocolatey goodness! However, the macaron was a little disappointing and though crunchy, the chewy centre you would expect from a good macaron was missing. As it was just a decoration, I guess maybe it would not matter much? 
I would probably go back for their desserts and coffee as their service was impeccable but maybe not for their meals anymore.

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