Friday, 23 October 2015

Hainan Kopitiam, Miri - A Review

Come here for toasts and coffee, and you would be well satisfied. They have big breakfast selling pork sausages and bacon but for the same price, I would prefer the one in Piato (which I mention in a previous post-link soon). 

Anyway I like their Kaya (a local coconut milk based jam) here and their coffee are gigantic so if you come with family, sharing would be a better option. I would not opt for their butter Kaya toast mainly because they are using marjerin and not butter, but they have toasts with only Kaya so yay! I forgot this when I went the other day so I was stuck with eating thick marjerin on my bread. Sigh!

Do not be fooled by my photo of the above hot coffee. The cup is not the normal teacup and the amount of coffee inside would probably fill up the jar below for the iced coffee.

The toasts below looked a lot and just for your information, they have very affordable set with coffee (yes, that huge mug or jar and two slices of toasts with two half-boiled eggs for just RM5.50).

On the other hand, their sandwiches are pretty good too. The ham and egg sandwich which comes with a slice of cheese can be a light option during lunchtime.

Address: Lot 1338, Jalan Bendahara, Miri Waterfront.

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