Wednesday, 28 October 2015

K City Seafood Centre, Miri - A Review

This shop has been here for a few years already; since my secondary school years I think. The food here was nice I remembered but somehow for some reason or others we stopped coming. Hmm. Anyway, my sister and I were going to try the shop opposite but upon sitting down and examining their menu we decided not to get our lunch there. Instead, we walked across and the lunch crowd were all there; a vast difference from the other shop. Lol. I think the main reason would be the difference of price here as I couldn't vouch for the taste of the food across from it as I did not order anything. 

Here, we had the mango fish fillet rice and Thai style pork chop rice respectively with extra sunny side up. 

Verdict: Cheap and delicious! The only grip I have is that the shop was really warm and on a sunny afternoon, it probably wouldn't be on top of the places I want to have my lunch at. If you couldn't be bothered, do go here for a economical but delicious lunch option.

K City Seafood Centre
Lot 782, Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre,

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