Friday, 23 October 2015

Golden Mookata BBQ, Miri

A recent addition to the Miri eating scene, Golden Mookata BBQ is a spinoff from the famous Bar-B-Q Plaza. They have both ala-carte and buffet. Buffet is priced at RM30 nett and ala-carte started from RM20+ if I am not mistaken. The boss promoted the buffet enthusiastically and we took up his advice. He told us all the things from ala-carte will be in the menu anyway, thus making it more "dai" (worth the money). Well, I can tell you now that the mutton definitely is not in the buffet... :P the ice cream was frozen and impossible to scoop. Choices in the meat were quite limited. I would say the experience was quite average and given a choice I would not be back. I preferred a few other places in Miri for the steamboat or grill compared to this place. Oh and their sliced pork only have the really really fatty ones (pork belly) where the pork fat is about 2/3 of the whole slice.

The special thing from this experience is cooking from this plate which was apparently the same like the one used on Bar-B-Q Plaza in KL.

The first round of the buffet you automatically get this platter then you can refill when you finished.

I was bored and decided to grill the prawns using their available sauce. Tasted pretty good actually. *ahem* Masterchef in the making okay? LOL

Golden Mookata BBQ
Marina Square Miri

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