Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ruffles Cafe, Miri - A Review

It has been quite a while since I last came. Today I finally revisited Ruffles with my family. Their Mille crepe cakes definitely has improved. I previously disliked their Mille crepes because of the strong eggy taste and the rather thick layers as opposed to the usual thin layer. I think they have made some changes and now the eggy taste has gone away!

We had their latte and cappuccino as depicted below and they were satisfactory. 

The more noteworthy desert/drink here would be their new salted caramel affogato which came with a caramelised cookie of sorts which was pretty nyum, with coffee ice cream laced with strong espresso. The side of the glass was lined with fine salt for a nice contrast between sweet, bitter and saltiness. Genius!

The peppermint Mille crepe cake was what changed my negative perception of the Mille crepe cakes here to a positive one. The refreshing minty taste from the cream lightly slathered over each layer of chocolate crepe was just right. I enjoyed every bite!

The double cheese tart was slightly tarty with lemon zest thrown in for the top layer and rich creamy cheese layer below. It was decorated with some pistachio pieces for contrast of texture. I like it. But it was something I've had a few times since my Dad is a fan, so forgive me if the novelty of it has worn off. LOL

The passion fruit lime mousse cake was something like the tart filling for the top layer; separated with a sponge cake before a thicker layer of passion fruit mousse. I did not enjoy this cake much. I felt the sponge cake used in the middle was slightly stale and had a weird smell to it. @@ this was the only thing we did not finish. 

Oh and now they have a new promo going on. For every RM15 spent, you get a chop and after 10 chops, you get a free hot drink: hot latte, cappuccino or hot cocoa!

The Ruffles Sdn Bhd
Lot 1034, 
Piasau Industrial Estate,

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