Monday, 5 October 2015

Rendez-vous, KL - A Review

This little French bistro looks unassuming but the food was simply amazing! We came to celebrate my fiancé's birthday and we were pleasantly surprised by the service and the quality of food served.

They have all these dainty Paris tower decoration on every table and the no-fuss hanky on the side. It was an open-air kind of place aided by plenty of fans and a few units of air conditioning to keep the patrons cool, which would have been nice except that KL now has very bad haze going on so by the end of the night, his allergy started acting up. 😓

We both had the traditional set dinner, which was mostly great except a few. I will elaborate more later. Both of us ordered all different stuff from the menu as they have 3-4 different selections for entrees, mains, and desserts. 

Starting from top left (in clockwise): complimentary brioche with anchovies (I think), salad with bernaise sauce and egg , olives and mushrooms, compliementary bread basket with butter, and escargots in garlic and butter sauce. We both love our entrees even though I felt the escargots were better but he liked his better. The brioche was a little uninspiring for me but at least it's something I am not used to.

Check out the excited hungry face!

From top left (clockwise direction): original mojito, salmon, mint diabolo and quail in cherry sauce. I was pretty disappointed with the mojito which was pretty bland and for RM28++ I felt that it was overpriced. It lacked flavour and te rum was so watered down I just got hints of it. The mint diabolo was an acquired taste as it reminded me of a cough syrup but since he enjoyed it, well who am I to comment? LOL. The portions was very generous for the mains, similar to the entrees. By the time we were halfway through, we were already very full. The salmon was a really generous thick Slavic the pinkish goodness, and the tangy sweet sauce was really nice. The potato au gratin accompanying the mains was really buttery and creamy as well which was lovely and the creamy spinach was NYUM! I think the mashed carrots was alright but that could be by this point I was already too full to give a fair judgement. The quail on the other hand was quite overdone making the meat slightly on the chewy side. They gave two quails for a single portion so it was more than generous but the sauce reminded me of the sauce I like to cook my chicken in. Heh! 

This was followed by the cute cheese platter with fresh strawberry jam. They gave us Brie and another cheese which is way more pungent than Brie. The fiancé's face was comical when he put it into his mouth but I think when eaten with the strawberry jam it more than offset the acidity of the more fermented Brie cousin. I usually like my Brie plain but with the jam it tasted pretty good too! The raisins and nuts in the salad was pretty nyum together. The chocolate mousse was AMAZING especially with the apple cider around it (I think it was apple cider) but the vanilla pudding was quite a disappointment. It was just like melted vanilla ice cream.

Overall, I enjoyed our meal there with their speedy service and generous portion, I will definitely be back. The traditional set dinner cost about RM89++ excluding the drinks. They have cheaper sets as well as the more luxurious ones like lobster sets etc.

Give them a visit at:

100, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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