Friday, 23 October 2015

Sliced Pork Noodles, Miri - A Review

love the sliced pork here. It's all thinly sliced and cooked to perfection in a broth simply brimming with the good flavours of porkyyyy goodness. Even their liver and other parts were wonderful! I normally do not eat liver as I do not like the taste but the one here are so soft and smooth. You don't get the powdery taste of liver which was so often when they are put into any cooking and that in itself is refreshing. 

The choices here are pretty limited so you only get to choose from sliced pork soup, mixed pork soup, pork balls soup and wanton soup. You can either order the noodles dry or in the soup. But I feel when the food is that good, who need more choices? 

I am a big fan of their soup although the noodles they gave was on the generous side. I do not really like the slightly bitter caramel dark sauce they use for their dry noodles but my family loved it. So I guess it depends on your personal preferences. 

They look delicious don't they?

I know this is supposed to be a post raving all about the wonderful sliced pork noodles but I couldn't resist sharing their coffee are good too! 

Check out the different coffees they have: normal coffee, coffee-c (local coffee with evaporated milk and sugar) and coffee special (coffee with wheatgrass and evaporated milk).

I do not know their name as it's all in Chinese but they are at the new Marina Bay area, in front of Golden Moogatoo BBQ. A must-visit if you ever are in Miri!

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