Thursday, 15 October 2015

Coffee club, Kinokuniya - A Review

I usually do not bother going to the coffee shop above Kinokuniya in KLCC even though I noticed it a while back. Today, for a change I thought I would give it a try especially since my fiancé convinced me that it would be quiet as there are usual quite a small crowd there.

I decided it would be a good choice as I had a lot of *ahem* paperwork to write up. With my big bag of cards and envelopes and all that, I trudged happily upstairs to be engulfed in a warm humid cloud...

Since I was already in the cafe and I spotted a few running fans and the Aircon ventilation gaps, I thought it would all be fine if I chose a good spot under the fan. Wrong! It stayed warm throughout my stay and since I was adamant about trying it out already, I ordered their iced mocha which in itself was quite a disappointment. For RM13.50, I would have expected similar quality like at least Starbucks or maybe as good as Eight Ounce Coffee. That's wrong mistake #2. 

Without good coffee to attract me I probably would not be back. The warm environment is another deterrent. However, they do have a pretty good deal if you plan on coming anytime between 3pm to 6pm for their tea break special where a drink and a cake or a tart  cost just RM16 nett. Well, that is if you can bear the heat.

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