Thursday, 29 October 2015

Vegan House, Miri

For something seemingly healthier, we decided on vegetarian for lunch today. Especially after my huge platter of meat yesterday at Senda Shabu Shabu Miri. The place was air-conditioned and it used to be called Vegeking or something along that line. The place was relatively empty for lunch and I soon found out why.

The service leaves a lot to desire. From the grumpy waiter who told us mostly everything we wanted to order from the drinks menu was unavailable. After that, when we ended up ordering just the plain water, he brusquely remarked about just one drink for the two of us. Dishes took a while to come out despite no new customers. I ordered the sesame oil fish, as depicted below. The taste was alright but not exceptional. 

My sister ordered the sweet and sour mushrooms and this is one dish we would not be ordering anymore. The deep fried mushrooms were soggy and the batter it was dipped into felt too thick. It was unappetizing to say the least.

The deep fried duck dish did NOT look anything like the photo in the menu or the usual Vegetarian Duck we were accustomed to. Gamely trying it, I found that it was not too bad; and the sauce they drizzled on top was actually the same sauce from the sweet and sour dish. 

Would I come back? I would probably head to my usual Vegetarian shop at Faradale Park, Miri but if you have never come here, maybe give them a try and judge for yourself.

Vegan House,
Lot 1399,
Ground Floor, Centre Point Phase 2, Jalan Kubu,

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